It’s not the monument that’s precious, it’s the seeing of it.

So who are you to decide “improvements” are warranted to Stonehenge World Heritage site in defiance of UNESCO and at the cost of millions of people and their children’s children’s children no longer seeing it?

Pendarvis (Carwynnen) Quoit, Cornwall

Little Kits Coty, Kent


Archaeologists and conservationists on both sides of the pond are scandalized by this. Excavating land and transporting it elsewhere for people to sort through it to grab archaeological artefacts?!! How could they?

And yet … apart from moving the soil that’s EXACTLY what is happening this weekend in Britain at Metal Detecting Rallies!

Hoar Stone, Enstone, Oxfordshire

Castlerigg, Cumbria

Our Advent Calendar this year will feature antiquarian drawings of some of the ancient sites of the UK.

Bryn Celli Dhu, Anglesey

It’s not just millions of British people and their children’s children’s children, it’s millions of foreign visitors and their children’s children’s children who also wish to see this world-famous World Heritage Site. It’s their pre-history too surely?

Among them are hundreds of thousands of Americans on once-in-a-lifetime trips, often on tight schedules. One of them wrote: “Thanks for these helpful posts, everyone!!! We are zipping thru and have to meet our daughter at a specific time hence we don’t have 2 -3 hours to stop and see the visitors center, bus, and walk up closer. BUT – I can’t imagine not seeing it at all if I’m that close!”

No need to imagine. It WILL happen if English Heritage gets its way.

Surely English Heritage et al have a solemn obligation to ensure overseas stakeholders (for that is what they are if they are part of humanity) will at least be able to briefly see Stonehenge for free when they come to Britain? Imagine how many tourist dollars and euros will be spaffed up the wall if they are suddenly told they can’t? Can we afford it?


The Winter Solstice is approaching. Imagine telling this lot they could no longer see it for free!


It’ll never happen, will it? Yet they’re trying to make sure that this lot and their children’s children’s children will never again see the stones for free!

Silver Roman Coins Missing ; “Hi guys, Today I received a email from pas in Lancashire who wrote to inform me that my small hoard of Denari were unaccounted for…….ie stolen. To say I’m sickened by this news is an understatement”
As you can imagine this prompted a torrent of anger – we are virtuous, PAS are lax, maybe we’ll stop giving them our finds, this man should be compensated …

Such virtue signaling! From a hobby which fails to report most of its recordable finds! And as for “imagine it was a hoard of gold nobles worth many 1000s that went missing” well yes, I do remember the Twinstead Rally

“METAL detector enthusiasts on a charity day ended up in a brawl after 300 ­sovereigns worth £75,000 were found in a field. They then ran off with the loot – half of which belonged to the farmer who owns the land – instead of declaring it under treasure laws. One enthusiast said: “The find was made by someone inexperienced who started yelling about a gold coin. Soon there were about 100 individuals digging. It was out of hand. Metal detecting is a cut-throat world. Only two of the 300 coins were in the finds box at the end of the day.”

Some were returned, (under duress and without punishment) but many weren’t. If it comes to comparing who steals the most artefacts and knowledge it would be better if detectorists stayed profoundly silent.


December 2022

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