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Avebury residents were given the choice of three options as to whether they wanted to allow pagans to camp in or near Avebury during their festivals. The National Trust who own most of the village had put forward the options to the villagers last week.

 The options;

1) Ban overnight camping in the large village car park;
2) Create a new campsite East of West Kennet Avenue
3) Allow limited camping in the overflow car park.

The third option seems to be the one most in favour after a vote was taken from the residents of Avebury. “The residents felt that the option of doing nothing could create significant problems”, though what those significant problems could be remains a mystery. One can have sympathy for the residents of Avebury for the ‘siege mentality’ that they feel under because of the pressure of tourists and pagans alike but living as they do in a World Heritage Site, with some of the most fabulous prehistoric stones in Britain, surely this must compensate for the hardships that they occasionally encounter.

See Western Daily Press article here
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Update;  Camping at Solstice weekend see the National Trust information


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