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2:30 pm, Saturday, 21 March, 2009

A lecture by renowned archaeologist Aubrey Burl at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes.

South-west quadrant

Avebury: south-west quadrant. Image credit Heritage Action. Copyright waivered

“There are hundreds of stone circles in the British Isles. Every year hundreds of thousands of people visit them. Sometimes there is a sign, usually uninformative, occasionally inaccurate. There may be stones in a ring, tall stones, small stones, fallen stones – but nothing else. Just silence.

“Yet, it is untrue. The stones tell their own story, unshaped but intentionally chosen to record the beliefs of the people who erected them. The stones are the literature distant, illiterate people left for us to read. One stone circle shows how it can be read …

“A member of the Society, Aubrey Burl was at one time Britain’s best selling archaeological author. His books on Stone Circles have been published and reprinted in many editions (with slight variations of title), and he is well known for challenging the theory that the bluestones were brought to Stonehenge from Preseli by man and has written extensively too on Avebury. For many years as principal lecturer in archaeology at Hull, he now works as an archaeological consultant and writer. He was quite particular about the choice of date for his lecture …”

Above quoted from Wiltshire Heritage Museum website

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Coate Water

Coate Water

“THE public inquiry into whether developers will be allowed to build 1,800 homes on land near Coate Water begins today, February 10th.

“The Marriott Hotel is playing host to the battle between Swindon Council and the partnership that wants to build 1,800 homes and a university campus on land between Marlborough Road, Coate Water and the M4.

“The University of the West of England (UWE) has admitted that Coate is its preferred location for a site in Swindon.”

More in this press report

Also see earlier Heritage Journal article Jefferies Land; The Rape of Coate Water by Development


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