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Heartening news about this story

The Friends of the Stroud Museum have received enough donations for the Museum to purchase the Roman coins, and to put them on  display in the Museum’s archaeology room.

A  passing metal detectorist might well have commented

Thank goodness this is over. This has reflected appallingly on the people of Stroud, taking such a long time to raise £225  for the finder, Wayne. He’s been a real brick, waiting patiently like this for true justice. Like us all, he’s an absolute hero, who does it entirely for the love of history.

We have to agree. He is a marvel, and the people of Stroud – nay, the whole population of Gloucestershire, should hang their heads in shame for their delay in paying him his cash. Anyone would think it was their heritage, not his and they expected him to DONATE the finds!

In the words of a detectorist hero on

With all due respect to the museum if i had travelled 500 miles to a rally i would not want to give my hard earned finds to anyone unless a reasonable reward was offered to me.

Quite right. It is heartening that Britain has entrusted  the decision on whether it gets to see its history to such generous, sophisticated and enlightened people.

Or is it? The general public must consider the matter carefully. As ought the quiet, thoughtful wing of the metal detecting hobby.


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