We hear The National Trust is angling to get money from anyone who sells photographs of places like Avebury. 

A worrying attitude for a public charity to suddenly claim rights over open air public assets that have been standing there for millennia, especially as a new or intensified policy.  And dangerous, for where will it end? If they’re stepping up efforts to claim payments from professionals isn’t it a small and logical step to try to do the same thing to amateurs? They are suddenly declaring the stones are in their own beneficial ownership, after all…

We do hope this isn’t the shape of things to come!


The Cove

We see trouble ahead. Look at that chap…. is he a professional or an amateur? And does it matter? Is he doing any harm? And is he taking something that belongs to the National Trust?  

It’s not their notice of course, it’s ours. But it makes a point and begs a question –

When does guardianship become scary?