Arthur Pendragon’s brave stand at Stonehenge for  access to the stones without the obvious signs of barriers and wire fencing, is still going on, or so we believe, though he should have been evicted by bailiffs by now.       

Stonehenge in 1877 - without fences
Stonehenge in 1877 – without fences

But in his latest interview on Tuesday, he explains he wants a peaceful encounter with the powers that be…

“This is my fight – trust the king – I’ll handle it, and I’ll handle it alone, there is no need for confrontation

Somehow a much better policy than is seemingly being applied to the next Stonehenge Solstice, when it is rumoured  police horses and drones might be used – we trust nothing so confrontational is really being considered. Over-reaction to one Druid is more than enough.

An earlier article;  Was it Something He Said   gives a fuller account.