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On Wednesday the last court case of the protestors who campaigned against the motorway driven across the archaeologically rich landscape that surrounds the Hill of Tara will be heard. It is well to remember the long and bitter fight that has gone on to save this sacred landscape, and of course the political machinations that surrounded the whole affair.
Time has shown in the form of a global recession that this undertaking by the Irish government of the construction of this expensive motorway that short term, ill judged decisions, have grave consequences on our historic landscapes.
Tara and its associated landscape has now made it onto the UNESCO List of Tentative Sites, though it has been grouped with six Royal Irish sites.

Press Release from Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin

The remaining court cases of those arrested protesting at Tara will take place on Wednesday, 13th May 2009. They will begin at 10.30am in Trim Court. This will be the second, and the last day for court hearings of these cases.
These arrests began at Soldier’s Hill, Blundelstown, Tara, 19 July 2007 and many others afterwards. As a reminder, this is the Indymedia thread from that time: 

It is worth noting that the two minister held responsible for the €60m wasted money on voting machines, Dempsey and Cullen, are also the ministers most closely associated with the planning of the M3 on its present route. The estimated cost is anything between €700m – €1bn and the road will be twice-tolled. Meath has one of the highest numbers of unemployed due to the recession, the road is already a white elephant. What is Blundelstown Interchange for? Any passing commuter can now see how it climbs the slopes of the Hill of Tara and how invasive it is on the landscape never mind the catastrophe at Rath Lugh.

It has emerged over the past two years that the Government/Gardaí had implemented “Operation Bedrock” to deal with protests at Tara.

To British eyes the prospect of a country the size of Ireland persisting with spending  €700m – €1bn on a road that now seems to be unnecessary is particularly distasteful. The British government baulked at spending a similar sum to relieve congestion at Stonehenge – despite the fact the effects of the global economic downturn were not fully apparent at that time and the fact that millions of Olympic visitors were anticipated. If Britain said no at Stonehenge what possible excuse does the Irish government have for persisting at Tara? Precious little we suggest.


We have heard it said Arthur is a dole scrounger (but he has never signed on!) and that he doesn’t have a well-thought out legitimate case and that he is naive and ill-informed and well, frankly, dotty.

So we thought we should post this video, Arthus speaks at Stonehenge so that people can judge all those things for themselves. In our view it is hard not to conclude he is very smart, has a very good case and in his own way is one of the sanest men in Britain!

Why then, are Wiltshire County Council about to send in their bailiffs to eject him?

Simply because his caravan is blocking a trackway, no other reason, they say.

Is it? It is shown on the video. Judge for yourself!

Please, Wiltshire County Council, Let him be!

If you agree, please drop them a line at


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