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Court Cases Dismissed

Court Cases Dismissed

Thirteen protestors were taken to court this week for their direct action in trying to stop the motorway that is being built across the Tara landscape.  Their cases were dismissed, no charge, and they came out victorious.

We would like to quote from one of the protestors moving and lyrical letter that has been sent out extolling the fight to go on,  and to redress the balance that so often our perceptions and prejudices bring us when we judge the terminology ‘protestor’, naive they may be but their hearts are in the right place.

We, the people, have the power, if only we realised it and claimed it! They are rightly running scared.
Their darkness, lies, corruption, treason and destruction can not exist in the light of truth and justice.
So let us demand it. Strike with hunger in our heart for it.
I have only just begun to understand and feel and believe in Tara , as the spiritual heart of this beautiful land and it’s aspect in this battle …

In the light of present day politics, sadly his words ring true, greed drove a motorway across a very special historical landscape, time on the other hand pulled the plug out and made short term greedy opportunism the laughing stock of the day.

Press Release from Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin 18th May 2009 Court Case details;-

On Monday 11th May eleven defendants charged with public order offences while protesting the M3 through the Gabhra Valley, Meath, appeared before Trim court. Three more defendants were unable to return to Ireland and their cases were heard in their absence.

Seven of the defendants had been arrested on 18th July 2007 while protesting at Blundelstown at the Hill of Tara. Others were arrested on 14th September 2007 and 26th July 2007 and 13th March 2007.

Those before the court were J.P. Fay, Robert Doherty, Hugh Mac Loughlin, Heather Buchannan, Kieran O’Carroll, Carmel Diviney, Anthony Hannigan, Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin, Kitty Kavanagh, Neil Morgan, Rik Weilich, Daniel Maloney and Daniel Moore. Most of the defendants were represented by Michael Finucane solicitor and barristers John Moher and Imelda Kelly. Others were represented by Eoin Foley of Cahir O Higgins.

The presiding judge, John Coughlan, heard the cases over a period of two days, Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th May. He dismissed all the charges in 11 cases, the charges were dropped in two cases and one case of alleged assault was dismissed on merit.

Video taken by the construction company was shown in evidence in two of the cases.

Some details on Operation Bedrock, a security operation by the Gardaí on the route of the M3, were given in court.

Information was also given on the Judicial Review taken by Michael Finucane on behalf of some defendants in an effort to gain access to all documents relating to Operation Bedrock.


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