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Not exactly megalithic news but it just so happens that this festival in the Mendips  which attracts thousands of people has been cancelled just before it was about to open today.  Judge for yourselves the motivations behind the ‘crackdown’ or ‘political decision’ that has been made, and ask what  has happened in our country when green festivals are closed down for security reasons!

Police today set up road blocks around a music festival site to keep thousands of environmental campaigners away from one of Britain’s longest-running festivals.

Up to 15,000 people had begun to gather for the Big Green Gathering in the Mendip hills, Somerset, which was officially due to start on Wednesday. But organisers were forced to cancel it on legal advice yesterday after the police took out an injunction to prevent the festival going ahead.

And yes the Guardian have put a correction in today to their article, but are we  not yet seeing another G20 Protest ‘State’ tactic being employed against innocent people.

The following correction was added to this online article on 28 July 2009:

Police say that no injunction was served on the Big Green Gathering. Mendip council’s application for an injunction was due to be heard in the high court, but because the organisers of the festival had surrendered their licence before this hearing, our article is not correct to say the police served an injunction. The article also mentions the organisers’ need for a road closure order from the Highways Agency; in fact, this was a matter for the local highways authority.

Update; 5th August 2009; George Monbiot  in the Guardian – The Busybody-state


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