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Anthony Murphy, author of ‘Island of the Setting Sun’ and creator/curator of the ‘Mythical Ireland’ website, has recently revealed aerial photographs of work in progress, on a number of ‘new’ monuments in the countryside of County Meath. According to the website, the images, taken in 2006, show probable large scale copies of, amongst others, a passage tomb, a passage cairn and a rath.

As long as nothing was harmed in the process and proper planning procedure was followed, it’s the landowners’ own business what they put on their land, but it just seems a bit sad, in the context of where we are now with our ancient heritage. Destruction close by at Tara, for example, commercialisation of the Boyne monuments, deterioration and neglect at Bremore. Although there may be a very worthy reason for its construction, I just can’t see the need to celebrate the fake while the real is ailing all around it.

I’d been trying to think of an apt analogy for this place and rejected the ‘Stepford Wives’. That would, of course, imply a conspiracy. Madame Tussaud’s might be closer; all those waxworks of things that live, or once lived. If anyone has any information about it please leave a comment here, or on the ‘Mythical Ireland’ website.


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