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A report by Graham Orriss.

Well, that was yet another successful and enjoyable Megameet!

Despite the greyness and drizzle, a fair few of you turned out at the Red Lion in Avebury for our annual get-together.

It was a great day – so good to catch up with a few old friends, and fantastic to meet a few new ones! It’s always a pleasure to see the looks on the faces of people who are seeing Avebury for the first time…

A musical interlude at the 2009 Megameet in The Red Lion at Avebury.

A musical interlude at the 2009 Megameet in The Red Lion at Avebury.

We brought a friend along who has just become interested in standing stones, and arrived at Avebury via The Avenue. I think it’s safe to say there was an awed silence, as he saw stone after stone appear out of the window… He absolutely loved the place, and can’t wait to get back! He was made extremely welcome by all who were there, as was my other friend, who is a frequent visitor to Avebury but had never attended a Megameet previously.

It was so nice to see people of all ages – from toddler to pensioner (sorry folks!) – all chattering excitedly about new finds, other sites and other friends that couldn’t make it but sent their best wishes.

I honestly believe that not one person who was there for the Megameet went away disappointed. It’s always a shame to not be able to spend more time with everyone, but there is always next time… Everybody who attended, without exception, was an absolute delight to chat and spend time with.

The overwhelming outcome was that we should do it all again sooner rather than later, so we’re hoping to have another one before the year’s out, and maybe organise two Megameets for 2010!

See you then!


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