“False face must hide what the false heart doth know”

Some time ago I wrote briefly, referring to the mistreated state of the passage tombs at Bremore and the disquieting sound; “the slow rumble of something much larger coming up the road”. Months have since passed and I have slept from it, I suppose, soothed by each gravelling halt, the collapse of the building sector, the deepening recession. Foolishly optimistic, when I reflect on it now, as this may be one of the last shows left in town.

The Irish Times of 2nd September 2009 reported:

AN TAISCE has warned that the proposed deepwater port at Bremore, north Co Dublin, could threaten an archaeological complex of passage tombs even older than Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in the Boyne Valley.
The environmental trust was commenting yesterday on plans by Drogheda Port to extend its boundary southwards so as to incorporate Bremore for development of the deepwater port in partnership with Treasury Holdings.”

It’s an opaque fuzz, as you might have expected. No details of the extension plan, unless you visit Drogheda Garda Station. No environmental assessment available and no proper public consultation. Objections now have only until Tuesday  (8th September) to be submitted. Doubtless the faces of government will come cosmeticized with the usual; the national good and talk of jobs and infrastructure, although I think that we might have seen and heard that type of thing before. And all for nothing.

According to Dr. Mark Clinton, chairman of An Taisce’s National Monuments and Antiquities Committee:

“…it is far more appropriate that the World Heritage Site of Brú na Bóinne would be extended to include the Bremore-Gormanston complexes rather than their obliteration as a result of an ‘extension’ for ‘development’ of Drogheda Port.”


 I was reminded tonight, reading this and oddly, of the words of Seneca as he describes Marcus Cato. I had to look them up, to get it right:

“…Cato, that living pattern of the virtues, has to fall on his sword to show the world what is happening to himself and the state at the same time;..”

Our sacrifice is not great, in comparison. I will put a link, below, to the Bremore website where there is an objection template to copy, sign and send to the accompanying address, before next Tuesday. The forces are powerful but we must try, at least. Try not to stand by and let it happen again.


Template for objection: http://www.bremore.blogspot.com/

Email address for objection: garret.doocey@transport.ie

Mail address as detailed in the Irish Times article.