In a week in which Stonehenge has been condemned as “one of the World’s Most Over-Rated Tourist Sites  ……

“You can’t touch it, you can’t walk inside, you can’t wander about its space and you have to pay an entrance fee to see it. Located in a bleak spot, the henge has no sense of intimacy, and offers little shelter in bad weather. There is no museum that explores the significance of Stonehenge, and visitor facilities are also limited”…..

you might think we the public are entitled to a clue about how exactly this sad situation is to be rectified.

Well, we’ve had two opportunities: first, a travelling exhibition showing the proposals. Trouble is, our correspondent who attended reported back to us that it was “completely pointless…. it revealed nothing”.
Second, was the opportunity to read about it in the June Open Minutes of the English Heritage Advisory Committee.
Here it is in full:
“Item 10 – Stonehenge Environmental Improvements Project – Master Plan Design Presentation (EHAC 2009/24/E)10.1 This item is included in the exempt minutes of this meeting as it contains information potentially exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Act; Section 36: prejudice to effective conduct of public affairs. Please note that other exemptions may also apply.

What, the Public can be told nothing at all? Is that possible? So it would seem.

And are we mistaken or is this exclusion part of a pattern???? You judge!