Early reactions to the proposed design are ominous, to say the least. http://www.bdonline.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=426&storycode=3148497&channel=783&c=1&encCode=0000000001a18b02

“It’s cheap and nasty and isn’t going to do justice to the site. It looks like an immigration detention centre. It’s not something that makes you feel part of something ancient and mystic. “We should be building something to last. We should have had an international competition.”  Paul Sample, former mayor of Salisbury

And perhaps more authoritatively:

“This looks like an IT student’s first attempt at rendered graphics. It’s amateurish and causes one to wonder about the quality of the finished product. “If you only get the detailed images at the time of the planning application you can’t give a balanced critical opinion on the suitability of the design. From this image that just has to be no.”  Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald, a member of the International Council on Monuments & Sites

As Mr Alexander-Fitzgerald implies, it is perhaps too early to panic. Only when the full planning application is submitted will we be able to judge if the building is of the “world class” that the government has promised.