by Alex Langstone, Heritage Action’s Cornwall correspondent

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On 16th June 2009  Spirit of Albion website reported that Battery Rocks and Sandy Cove in Penzance had been given a reprieve from development. Sadly I can now report that once again the sacred holy headland where Penzance began is once again under threat.

Penzance councillor Tamsin Williams is trying to raise the profile of this important campaign, as much scare-mongering has taken place by the pro-development lobby recently. It must be remembered however that this headland, site of the long lost St Anthony’s Chapel, where the founding-fathers of this community worshipped; the nearby historic harbour (pictured above) and the unique art-deco Jubilee Pool, are of immense historical, cultural and archaeological importance. If we allow the developers in, it will all be lost forever!

Please write to Andrew George MP here to voice your concerns.

See here for the original article written for Heritage Action in November 2008.

See here for Save the Holy Headland website.


Above: The remains of an ancient dark-age cross found close to Battery Rocks. What other Cornish cultural treasures await discovery at this ancient sacred headland? If the Route Partnership have their way we will never find out!