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The following eloquently worded email by Brendan Matthews describes the frustration and anger at the proposed development of the new Bremore Port being contemplated by the Irish State, it deserves reprinting again and again to underline the helplessness of the ordinary citizen when balanced against the ‘powers that be’……….


I would be extremely grateful if this link could be passed on –

“Apologies for not being in touch of late; I was involved in some other, serious stuff, and Bremore, important and all as it is, had to be placed down the scale of my agenda.

“Who are you actually referring to when you suggest that more locals need to become involved? As far as I can make out, there are very, very, very few locals from Drogheda to Duleek, to Skerries that have little or no interest and don’t care if the whole complex is bulldozed into the Irish Sea. Also, there are a few people who have contacted me in recent months offering to do this, that and the other, but they don’t wish to be seen, publicly; why not? What’s the problem in stating what you believe in publicly. I for one am certainly not afraid to speak and denounce what is happening and I have a huge problem in folk who will not stand up and say it like it is. Archaeologists have walked with me over this beautiful landscape and were expressing their ”horror” at the suggestion of the tombs being destroyed; however, where are they now? Now that the time is getting closer to filling in an application form for an expression of interest in helping to dig it up at a huge cost, a cost that can never be recouped, ever.

“In the past I have come up against all sorts, individuals, companies, associations, local government, etc and its always the same; no straight answers, bare-faced lies, patronising bastards, falsehoods and so, in the end, I reverted to doing things on my own; recording the demise of our heritage and lamenting our cultural past so that it may be read by a people tomorrow; written and recorded by a person who knows the landscape and its people of the later 20th and early 21st century; a person who by now is tired, disgusted and sickened by government actions, both local and national and in collusion with the ” wealthy, Greedy and Powerful” numbskulls of this island. The real folk of this country don’t matter, they never did; the laws are made to keep you and me in our place, where we have no representation left of any kind, where we have no access nor resources from the land anymore and where we are now more oppressed and suppressed than at any time in our past: rotten from the inside out. We talk about ” Ancient Ireland”, but yet we are only a ” Free State” since 1922 that’s a mere 87 years young and look at us, Industrial schools, Corrupt Police, Church, State Leaders, etc. In simple terms: Bremore has been the landing spot for the first industrialists to this island, the first farmers, the first settlers, the first economists/traders; the entire landscape along the coast here is one of huge heritage values; not of ”Archaeological Importance”; not any more and, maybe its time we omitted the word  “Archaeology” in association with Bremore because the same people who, supposedly, represent that of archaeology are helping in a huge way to destroy the very thing we are fighting for and there’s never a word about the huge cost that this, so called, knowledge, a knowledge that wont even be passed on to local schools, community groups or historical societies; a knowledge that will be stored away in boxes in the deepest dungeons of the N.M.I.

“At this point, I could go on for hours, but I’ll end now with this; It’s not a matter of ”throwing in the towel”, someone can only be accused of that if indeed they have the “towel” in their grasp in the first instance. Revolution or a lost cause?”


The following  extensive articles written by Gordon Kingston on the planning process at Bremore must add to the protest…

 05/10/2009 – Bremore Not a Natural Harbour

26/10/2009 – Bremore. Quo Vadis

06/011/2009 – Bremore. The Planning Process


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