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A guest feature by Alexander Jarvie

"In me thou see'st the twilight of such day" - The last signs of Greenhill stone circle.

After having a bad experience at Westertown I suffered the same fate the next day. Whilst working in the Peterhead area I’d some spare time and decided to find the Corbie Knap cairn (NK08564043). On the way I passed Greenhill Farm and enquired about the stone/stone circle (NK097041).

Whilst asking permission to park the car, which was given, I was told by the present occupant that the farmer had grown tired of ploughing around the stone. Therefore he dug a hole and buried it. Nothing now grows on this patch of land which has been recently worked on for drainage purposes. This happened, perhaps, more than ten years ago. To make matters worse the present occupant mentioned that other stones had been dumped in neighbouring fields or amongst piles of farm waste and rubble. Going by these stones the circle comprised of red and gray granites. At nearby Standing Stones Farm, near Hatton another stone circle was destroyed many years ago.

As for Corbie Knap, it has suffered quite badly, but now has a fence around most of it which offers it some protection.


December 2009

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