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One of the nearby cairns, at Forvie.

Donald Trump has already started to work on a new golf course at Balmedie Links north of Aberdeen. I have no problems with this idea except its location. The site is a nature reserve and has ancient dunes which move with time and the wind. Marram grass has now been planted to stop the dunes moving. Now further to north is the Ythan Estuary at Forvie, looked after by Scottish Natural Heritage an excellent organisation.
As well as being a National Nature Reserve, being the home to many birds and insects along with many beautiful plant life, it is home to the 12th century Forvie Kirk, built on an 8th century chapel and a medieval settlement. These sites vanished under sand during the 15th century. When the sands moved again they revealed more than the church/settlement. From out of the formerly farmed land appeared kerb cairns, I counted 7 plus one ring cairn. Who knows, more might appear this is a prehistoric dream come true. This is a tremendous site set amongst the almost lunar landscape at Forvie. Go visit, then do the walks.
Now Forvie has all of these wonderful sites and sights I wonder what might be under the dunes at Balmedie, if Trump gets his way we’ll never find out. Why does he have to build here? The airport is 10 miles away, there is no railhead, the proposed Aberdeen by-pass isn’t coming this far basically there is no infrasructure locally to cope. As well as the golf course a clubhouse and several houses are being built. The propaganda is that locals will get jobs but this is highly unlikely. The local council has basically been bought and I’m ashamed to say that the SNP seemed to have taken the pieces of silver. But the fight goes on. If you can help please sign the petition, this will keep going and going. Meetings happened today (6/1/2010), and several more will occur towards the end of January.
Trip up Trump, based in the North East, is the main site to contact:
The online petition;
The Press and Journal have been pretty fair and this is most of the history:
Also printed today, 6/1/2010, is the former Green MSP Shiona Baird and her attempt to buy council land that Trump’s people want:
On the STV news also 6/1/2010 is Molly Forbes (85) and her fight against Trump:
It should also be added that a proposed wind turbine farm suggested for the nearby bay was knocked back purely because of Trump’s intervention. His excuse – it would damage the view. Hopefully one day Trump will get the message!
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