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A guest feature by Albert Resonox

The Devil’s Stane facing south

On the site of what is now Menzieshill High School, long before the school was built, in fact long before many of the houses in Yarrow Terrace, Tweed Crescent and Dickson Avenue were built, this area being the highest point in the west of Dundee after Balgay Hill (hence the siting of the water tower), there used to be a circle of very large boulders,  (reference below)where I and friends used to build dens and jump around from stone to stone. These stones were removed when the school was built and the whole area flattened to make a sports field. Slightly to the east of this at the highest point of the hill (there used to be a triangulation stone) was the site of a long lost castle, the only trace of which left was the midden  which was almost like a miniature swamp, it too provided hours of entertainment for us nippers, playing games of dare running and jumping over and through it… (ah the heady days before X-factor eh?). I actually in my early teens verified the existence of this castle by means of vast ancient tomes in the public library, which had it documented (as late Saxon/early Norman), but schools and housing developments deleted all signs of both circle and castle (midden).

Balgarthno Circle taken facing west

The circle however, before houses were built, would have been in full view of the Balgarthno circle  so may have had some connection to it. Within easy walking distance of these locations are The Devil’s Stane  and Dark Stane Roundie though to be fair  The Roundie has been dismissed by some as a lookout post for the Dundee to Perth stagecoach, though its location and the main route are quite a bit apart… and a lookout point doesn’t seem to be an essential item, as it is too small and remote to have been a “high” coachstop… and at one point (pre-Victorian) had a large upright slab of grey slate in its centre… hence its name… but that is only my opinion/idea. Further on the road to Perth there is the Falcon Stone(which I have never visited… but will one day).

Dark Stane Roundie facing east

Grid references;

Balgarthno Circle;  NO353315

The Devil’s Stane; NO346310

Dark Stanie Roundie; NO362310


January 2010

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