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In conjunction with BBC Radio 4, and the British Museum’s, A History of the World in 100 Objects: Jade Axe there will be a Gallery Talk at the Museum by Gillian Varndell on Saturday, 20th February from 1:15. Details here.

A survey of the Stonehenge landscape suggests the prehistoric monument was surrounded by two circular hedges.

Writing in the Guardian yesterday, Maeve Kennedy reports on the startling evidence of a Great Stonehenge Hedge. “Inevitably dubbed Stonehedge, the evidence from a new survey of the Stonehenge landscape suggests that 4,000 years ago the world’s most famous prehistoric monument was surrounded by two circular hedges, planted on low concentric banks.”

“…Mike Pitts, an archaeologist and expert on Stonehenge himself, said: “It is utterly surprising that this is the first survey for such a long time, but the results are fascinating. Stonehenge never fails to reveal more surprises.”

“The time these two concentric hedges around the monument were planted is a matter of speculation, but it may well have been during the Bronze Age. The reason for planting them is enigmatic.”

“Pitts wonders if the hedges might have been to shelter the watchers from the power of the stones, as much as to ward off their impious gaze.”

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