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Stonehenge Restored, by Charles Philip Kains-Jackson, circa 1880

We thought this article, adapted from Solving Stonehenge  by Anthony Johnson, published by Thames & Hudson, 2008 ISBN 978-0-500-05155-9 was well worth highlighting.

It is refreshing to be reminded, at a time when theories about the monument seem to outnumber its stones that the main knowledge we have comes from a careful examination of its actual construction and that there is not a single ‘modern’ theory that is not at least 100 years-old!

Dear Sirs,

As 4×4 owners from Dudley we are writing to complain about your article Avebury is not Dudley which seemed to imply we are not good enough to come down and rip up your byways. Oh contraire!  We are.

In fact, we think Avebury isn’t all that compared with Dudley. For instance, compare the Avebury community shop with our Merry Hill Shopping Centre. We think this proves we’m considerably richer than yow.  

As for all these stones and whatnot you always go on about, that’s mostly hype. Take those famous Wiltshire white horses. They pale into insignificance compared with the Dudley Hoss, so there…..



February 2010

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