Recently we wrote about 4×4 drivers using the ancient Ridgeway in Wiltshire as some sort of ‘fun track’ for this idiotic sport of getting one’s car muddy and creating  hazardous deep ruts for walkers and horse riders. Well of course it is not only in Wiltshire but in many other parts of the country that our prehistoric past is under threat.  In Denbigshire, Wales the same thing is happening on the uplands,  not just 4x4s but bikers as well.

the article can be found here.

Ancient Welsh hillforts and burial chambers that withstood the Roman occupation are now under siege from a biker blitzkrieg sweeping across the uplands in Denbighshire.
Rare species and their priceless habitats are also being illegally endangered and damaged by off-road motorbikes and 4x4s

On Llantysilio Mountains, illegal bikers have created a race track that is damaging the ramparts of an Iron Age hill fort at Moel y Gaer that was here before the Romans arrived and the track crosses a Bronze Age burial mound that is over 4,000 years old.”

The Projects Heather and Hillforts  Moorland  Field officer Nick Critchley has asked people out walking in these hills to use their mobiles and report any sightings of these vehicles. There is an active campaign to discourage such activity and the police are easily able to  monitor the area by helicopter, plus of course,  there are formidable penalties should someone get caught.

For more information ‘Heather and Hillforts Project’ website.