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In an article in the Swindon Advertiser yesterday, Flicky Harrison reports that – 
“SLEEPING under a Swindon bypass is a Roman city that archaeologists say is twice as big as they first thought. The site, to the east of the A419 near Covingham, has been known about since the 18th century when it was referred to by well-known antiquarian William Stukeley. Bryn Walters, director of the Association of Roman Archaeology in Swindon, and archaeologist Bernard Phillips have been keeping the hidden town under observation for years.

“When the A419 bypass to the M4 motorway was built, a lot of the Roman town was lost. “The bulldozers smashed through some impressive buildings including a polygonal temple by the bridge,’’ said Bryn.  “We saw part of the 3ft high walls and the white tessellated floors, like mosaics. There were also fine blocks 6ft thick which were part of an outer wall or gateway. It is a tragedy this was lost.””

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Lest anyone was unclear due to all the trumpeting that is going on, the bit of coast that billionaire Trump wishes to impose a huge golf resort on isn’t exactly in need of a lot of improvement. 

The world has a lot of golf courses. And it has a lot of unexceptional bits of coastline. But how many bits of coastline as good as THIS does it have?

Donald says he will improve it. These are the “before” pictures. Strangely,  the “after” pictures aren’t being publicised!

Images from Trump International Golf Links


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