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As an vnlettred man, at the desired sight
Of some rare beautie moo’ud with infinite delight
Not out of his owne spirit, but by that power diuine,
Which through a sparkling eye perspicuously doth shine,
Feels his hard temper yeeld, that hee in passion breaks
And things beyond his height, transported strangely speaks:
So those that dwell in mee, and liue by frugall toyle,
When they in my defence are reasoning of my soyle,
As wrapt with my wealth and beauties, learned growe
And in wel-fitting tearmes, and noble language showe
the Lordships in my Lands, from Rolright (which remains
A Witnesse of that day we wonne vpon the Danes)
To Tawcester wel-neer: twixt which, they vse to tell
Of places which they say do Rumney’s selfe excell.

The Rollright Stones from Drayton’s Poly-olbion: 1613 edition; pp 222. Thirteenth Song.

The King Stone by T H Ravenhill

Wiltshire Heritage Museum will be organising an outing to the Rollright Stone Circle on Saturday, 7 August 2010. The outing will be led by David Dawson, Director of the Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society.

“The Rollright Stones is an ancient site located on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. It consists of three main elements: the King’s Men stone circle, the outlying King Stone (for long thought to mark an astronomical alignment from the circle, but now known to have been erected far earlier than the circle with which it has no astronomical significance) and the Whispering Knights dolmen (believed to be part of a Neolithic Long Barrow). Legends of witchcraft are associated with this attractive ring which has similarities with the Swinside circle in Cumbria and Aubrey Burl has suggested it may well have been one of several staging posts for the sending of axes from Cumbria to southern England.”

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