The Cove in 1723 by William Stukeley

A video interpretation showing some of the changes that The Cove, at Avebury, has undergone since first being illustrated by William Stukeley in the 18th century. The video includes two 18th century illustrations of The Cove by Stukeley, three early 20th century photographs, as well as several recent photographs. The video is set to a soundtrack of Bach’s Goldberg Variations played by the pianist Murray Perahia, and includes a poem inspired by the much loved, and sadly missed, contributor to The Modern Antiquarian, Treaclechops.
The Cove today. Image credit Littlestone
There’s a silence here
a silence that lifts and suppresses
all at once

Lures life into a comfort
then leaves it limp
like a frozen drop of transience
on a quiet winter branch
that might

or might not
spring back to life again