Similar gold lunula from Schulenburg, Germany. Image Wikimedia Commons

In February of last year a Bronze Age gold lunula and two discs were stolen from a Roscommon chemists’ shop, along with the rest of the contents of a safe. The precious objects (c.2300 – 1800 BCE)  had been stored amidst sheets of paper (so the thieves didn’t even notice what they had in their possession) and Gardaí later recovered them from a skip in Dublin. Oddly, the criminals weren’t the only ones to be unaware of their significance – the lunula and discs, found in a bog back in 1945, had been in the chemists’ safe for the last 63 years.

The lunula and discs are now on display in the National Museum in Dublin. According to director Pat Wallace; “There is a whole lot of conjoined freaks of good luck to make it possible,”

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