Moel y Gaer Hillfort. Wikipedia Commons photo;  Attribution: Eiran Evans

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to crack down on illegal off-road bikers who are wrecking North Wales heritage sites.

Moel y Gaer hillfort is just one of a number of historic locations across North Wales under siege from bikers and 4x4s carving up the countryside.

Now the Heather and Hillforts project has launched a “Don’t leave home without it” campaign to fight back.

Project leaders want farmers, ramblers and others who enjoy the countryside to carry a police telephone number with them – or even store it into their mobile phones – to report the vandals.

Summer has arrived again with the same problems of  4×4’s and off road bikers tearing up our green track ways in the pursuit of a noisy and incredibly damaging hobby that reduces these tracks to a rutted mess;  even worse, thin soil is worn away leaving rocks unprotected…

Denbighshire County Archaeologist Fiona Gale said: “Twenty years ago a grass track about four feet wide ran up here along the ridge but now in places it’s more than 15 feet wide and the heather and grass have been ripped away by the bikes and rain has then washed the surface away exposing the bare rock.”

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Perhaps the advice of using your mobile to report such illegal activity needs to be underlined once more till this idiotic practice is outlawed once and for all.