West Kennet Avenue viewed from the Ridgeway; Falkner’s stone circle would be in the field on the right of the road

The Heritage at Risk Register 2010 published today (Wednesday 7 July 2010) by English Heritage shows that the number of scheduled monuments at risk has fallen by 140 to 3,395, but the Register also confirms that the proportion of scheduled monuments at risk is still high at 17.2% (one in six), with the South West, Yorkshire and The Humber, and West Midlands having the highest share.

Hardly good news, checking the register for Wiltshire and there are 250 scheduled monuments at risk, mostly  barrows damaged and lost due to plough damage, and perhaps the words extensive significant problem i.e. under ploughing, collapse highlights the gradual loss of barrows, the modern heavy  farm machines of today completing the task of demolishment started many centuries ago. A stone circle now lost but part of the Avebury Complex is Falkner’s Circle, a solitary stone by a gateway highlights this 44 metre width stone circle, a passing memory now.

Falkner’s Stone – all that is left of the Neolithic stone circle that once lay below Waden Hill

The great East Kennet long barrow lost in its greenery of trees once hosted a bronze age barrow cemetery  surrounding  it, now all but lost to ploughing, a solitary splendour that reminds us that once long ago one prehistoric age made tribute to its ancestors thousands of years ago.

East Kennet long barrow;  Home to exuberant trees and burrowing badgers

Image credits Moss