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It seems as if the concept of a bus linking the main Wiltshire megalithic sites and museums …… is really taking off

So it should, it seems obvious that the main museums at Avebury and Devizes should be an integral part of any visit to the main megalithic sites at Stonehenge, Silbury, Avebury or points in between. If it goes as well as it promises to, and there is the interest that it seems to be generating then it ought to be seen as a mighty significant factor to be considered in any discussion of new interpretation facilities for Stonehenge. Could it be that all those millions can be saved by simply investing in a fleet of buses to take visitors to the existing world-famous collections nearby rather than trying to compete with them to the detriment of each?

One thing though. Suggestions are still being invited from the public for what to call the service. One of them was The Druid Express! No, no, no, no! That’s not right at all. You could just as validly call it the Roman Runabout or the Victorian Excursion!

Our own suggestion is in our title: Megalithabus!  You know it makes sense!



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