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Slightly sceptical with the ‘new’ henge discovery at Stonehenge, Mike Pitts’ blog examines the evidence…

Analysing the new site near Stonehenge There have been two really interesting discoveries in the Stonehenge area over the past few weeks. One is at Marden, the great henge earthwork in the Vale of Pewsey near the source of the river Avon. I’ll write about that in my next post, but first I’d like to add a few words to the extensive media coverage of the geophysics survey that, according to National Geographic, revealed Stonehenge’s “long-lost twin” close by (otherwise identified as Sto … Read More

via Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

Map by John Speed (1552–1629) historian and cartographer.
Click on the map and then on the + sign for close-up. 

 “John Speed (1552–1629) was born at Farndon, Cheshire, and went into his father’s tailoring business where he worked until he was about 50. While working in London, his knowledge of history led him into learned circles and he joined the Society of Antiquaries where his interests came to the attention of Sir Fulke Greville, who subsequently made Speed an allowance to enable him to devote his whole attention to research. As a reward for his earlier efforts, Queen Elizabeth granted him the use of a room in the Custom House. It was with the encouragement of William Camden that he began his Historie of Great Britaine, which was published in 1611. Although Speed probably had access to historical sources that are now lost to us he certainly used the work of Saxton and Norden, his work as a historian is considered mediocre and secondary in importance to his map-making, of which his most important contribution is probably his town plans, many of which provide the first visual record of the British towns they depict.” 



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