The Irish Times has named ‘Knockacareagh’ as the town land in which the former Kilmurry ring forts were located;

North Cork gardai have called to the farm and archaeologists from the monuments section of the Department of the Environment are now assisting in their investigation. If this is the correct area, then the two ring forts (of Knockacareigh), located some 500m apart and to the north and south of a house and separate farm buildings, are described in the Archaeological Inventory as follows –

(W3745 6513) A particularly impressive example;“In pasture, on ESE-facing slope. Oval area (57.9m E-W; 48.2m N-S) enclosed by earthen bank (H 2m). Shallow external fosse to SW and NW; filled in to W between bank and N-S roadway. Bank partially stone-faced with boulders internally. Stone-faced entrance (Wth 4m) to E. Remains of cultivation ridges cross interior on E-W axis. Plan (UCC) shows fosse surviving to W and N. Garden of house extends up to S bank.”

(W3729 6463)  Interesting evidence of slope-compensation, but had already been suffering from considerable agricultural damage; “In pasture, on SE-facing slope. Roughly circular area (33.5m N-S) defined by earthen bank (H 2m); external fosse (D 0.65m) to W and S; outer bank (H 1m) to SW and S. Numerous cattle gaps across bank. Field-clearance material dumped in fosse to W. Interior appears to be raised on S side to compensate for hillslope; crossed by remains of cultivation ridges on NW-SE axis; W half heavily overgrown.”

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