The Ring of Brodgar – courtsey of Creative Commons

Don’t forget to read Colin Richards’  interesting article The Ness of Brodgar – A Neolithic Tribal Place on Sigurd Towrie’s  ‘Orkneyjar’  website.

….”So we have the stone circles at the Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar being composed of stones being brought from different places, by different groups of people.

Could the Ness of Brodgar be of similar constitution?

Alongside the massive stone pillars being brought for the two stone circles, could different groups, probably of related kin, be building discrete, special family buildings on the Ness? These would correspond to the single “ceremonial” buildings within each village. Undoubtedly, these were sacred, just like the stones within the great stone circles.”

Two other stone circles immediately spring to mind with different stones within the circle; Stonehenge of course and also Stanton Drew stone circle.  Food for thought!