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There are a couple of news items to report today. The first, regarding the proposed N2 Slane bypass – close to the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site – can be found here:

An Bórd Pleanála has ordered Meath County Council to publish “additional information“, beyond that included in its original Environmental Impact Statement. It has also ordered the Council to reopen public consultation;

“Meath County Council will publish a new public notice in national newspapers tomorrow, Friday, 17th September, giving the public until Friday 15th October to make submissions to An Bórd Pleanála. The original consultation had closed on 25 February 2010.”

The Council must provide, inter alia, further information on; the archaeological and geophysical investigations that were carried out; the question of adequate consideration of an alternative route; and the design alternatives for the proposed bridge.

And more here:

I wonder where the money for this proposed project is going to come from? At least, within the next decade – seeing as we’re now taking in only about half of what we need, in taxes, to cover outgoings. And that’s not including the money that’s gone and yet to go, on Anglo Irish et al. Tax revenues won’t be rising anytime soon, I’d imagine? 

The second item, regarding the building (no pun intended) friction over the landscape conservation plan for the Tara-Skryne valley, appears here;

It seems that tensions were running high in Navan, on Monday night, The article reports; “chaotic scenes which included slow hand-clapping and heated confrontation between people of opposing views.” Surprised?;

“Those gathered in the hotel expressed concern about planning restrictions and de-exemptions proposed in the plan, in addition to the extent of the area taken in by the proposed plan, which stretches from Walterstown to Bective, Dunsany and Kilmessan, across to Skryne and Tara.”

God forbid that anyone should tamper with our right, as Irish, to build a house. The first section of a letter, that we published back in June, should be read in conjunction with the article above;

“The Tara Skryne Preservation Group would like to register our deep distress at recent radio and newspaper reports of local Meath Co. Councillors rallying against the implementation of the Tara Skryne Landscape Conservation Area Plan. A campaign of scaremongering and misinformation is being perpetrated by FF, FG and Independent councillors through which allegations of land sterilisation, eviction and non provision for Planning of one off housing has been instigated… Several Meath Councillors including Shane Mc Entee TD FG , Mary Wallace TD FF and Nick Killian FF are, in our opinion, misrepresenting the facts which can be seen clearly outlined in the Tara Skryne Landscape Conservation Area Plan on Meath County Council’s website. The Plan contains more than adequate reassurances on these very same issues.”


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