Stonehenge by John Constable. Wikimedia Commons

“The largest exhibition of John Constable work, ever exhibited in Wiltshire, is heading to Salisbury next summer.
“To mark the 200th anniversary of the artist’s first visit to the city, the Salisbury and Wiltshire museum is hosting a multi-million pound exhibition of his paintings of Salisbury Cathedral, the city and Stonehenge.”
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“During the early nineteenth century it was artists such as John Constable and J.M.W. Turner who helped to make the megalithic sites a part of the popular imagination and understanding of Britain’s past. The philosopher Edmund Burke proposed the idea of the ‘sublime’ sense as being evoked by ‘feelings of danger and terror, obscurity and power, in art as well as life’. This was already a feature of artistic and literary works of the period, and provided the theoretical basis for a growing appreciation of desolate landscapes and ancient ruins. For these reasons Stonehenge became of particular interest for artists. Burke himself wrote – Stonehenge, neither for disposition nor ornament, has anything admirable; but those huge rude masses of stone, set end on end, and piled high on each other, turn the mind on the immense force necessary for such a work.” ( ).