Moel y Gaer Hillfort. Wikipedia Commons photo; Attribution: Eiran Evans

A campaign to protect North East Wales’ ancient heather moorlands from the ravages of illegal off-roaders has been getting support from an unusual source – a national off-road organisation. ‘Tread Lightly’ represents thousands of law-abiding 4 x 4 users and off-road motorcyclists from across the UK, and aims to promote responsible off-roading. They have thrown their weight behind the Heather and Hillforts campaign launched this year to protect North East Wales’s heather moorlands and prehistoric hillforts from the scourge of illegal bikers and 4 x 4 drivers.

This can only be good. But we have a suggestion. Unless they have done it already (in which case, bravo!) could “Tread Lightly” also stamp down like a ton of bricks upon those legal 4×4 enthusiasts who think it’s OK  to rip up The Ridgeway near Avebury and to fight like tigers to retain their right to thrash around on tracks in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site? Can we also be assured that they wouldn’t tolerate any member of “Tread Lightly” doing either of those things?