The British Archaeology Magazine (editor Mike Pitts) is published bimonthly by the Council for British Archaeology and retails at £4.50 a copy (various cheaper annual subscription levels are available). The magazine has over sixty pages, contains superlative photographs and is packed full of interesting features dealing principally, though not exclusively, with the archaeology of Britain. The magazine is divided into News, Spoilheap (opinions), Letters, Archaeological features, On the Web (latest from the internet), Books (reviews), Briefing (conferences etc) and My archaeology (interviews with people like Alice Roberts, photographer Don McCullin and the artist David Inshaw.

The latest issue of the magazine (November-December 2010) has a new feature called First Sight. The feature is two pages in from the front of the magazine and is a detailed, full-page photograph of the newly reconstructed Crosby Roman Helmet (perhaps not a good start for a new feature considering the on-going debate on how the helmet was found and subsequently ‘restored’ but certainly a feature to look forward to in forthcoming editions).
All-in-all British Archaeology is an excellent publication for those (even the younger reader) with an interest in the archaeology of ‘Britain and Beyond’.