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Or selling off the land to the highest bidder, welcome to the age of  materialistic culture when we sell off our forests for holiday villages, MORE golf courses and adventure sites. Sod the trees, birds and wild animals in this all so small land of ours – we need FUN.  Or at least those that have enough money in their bank accounts to enjoy it.  Whoops I see a problem there, aren’t we going in for austerity cuts, though I have a feeling of course with all those trees to chop down, little wooden chalets to build and those rather nice lumpy golf bunkers to construct that it will create jobs – well at least for the short term.

But never mind, surely the cavalry will come riding to the rescue in the form of those national bodies that are supposed to protect our landscape, such people like the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds….

“We would be quite relaxed about the idea of some sales, but would be unrelaxed if the wrong bits were up for sale like the New Forest, Forest of Dean or Sherwood Forest, which are incredibly valuable for wildlife and shouldn’t be sold off.

Or maybe the National Trust…

“We will take a fairly pragmatic approach and look at each sale on a case by case basis, making sure the land goes to the appropriate organisations for the right sites, making sure the public can continue to enjoy the land.

Thin end of wedges are already being driven into the trees, by the very act of  taking national protection from our landscape and putting it into the hands of private investors we are taking a terrible risk; true there are many planted logging forests that adorn our mountains that need coming down but the old Ancient Forests, think about them, Sherwood, New Forest , Wyre, Forest of Dean need absolute protection from short term profits…



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