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Anyone that didn’t see this coming was in denial; from Paul Melia in yesterday’s Irish Independent (the special “Four-Year Plan” section);

“But there will be no major schemes starting in 2012 or 2013. This means the N5 Ballaghadreen bypass, N4 Downes upgrade, N2 Slane Bypass, N22 Macroom to Ballyvourney, N8/N25 Dunkettle Roundabout and Enniscorthy/New Ross bypass are shelved.”

Although they may not remain so; the Department of Transport tells us that these “high priority schemes will proceed as funding becomes available and planning permission is granted”. The Government has effectively pawned the country to pay for the bankers and their credit spree (“Business is about risk“; said Seánie Fitz, but that turned out to be our risk, didn’t it?), but there’re always other ways and means. As the Independent points out;

“The Government is looking at charging motorists to use new and existing routes in an effort to fund new road projects across the State.”

If the bypass, proposed to run just 500m outside the Brú na Bóinne buffer zone, does eventually go ahead and it, as a “new route”, is tolled, then how many of those high-toll HGVs would actually use it? Looking further ahead; how many are going to use any of these roads, when the oil is gone or too expensive to use (a couple of decades, give or take)?

Press Release from the Department of Transport


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