We reported in February 2009 that the Peat Moor  Centre was closing down which was a great pity at the time, but it seems that a new centre is to be built eventually on the old cafe and garden centre on Shapwick Road.  It seems an adventurous architectural design but wholly appropiate for the prehistory of the marshes.

​The Iron Age inhabitants of Somerset’s Avalon Marshes might have thought prehistoric architects were at work if they could see designs for the striking thatched visitor centre proposed for their old homeland.

The conical thatched buildings have been dubbed a “flotilla of coracles” by the partnership, including Natural England, which is planning the scheme.

The marshes are a network of wetlands of international importance for wildlife and archaeology. The remains of Iron Age houses lie under bumps in fields near Glastonbury, while an ancient log boat, pelicans’ bones and prehistoric wood and hurdle roads still lie in the peat.