The Wiltshire Heritage Museum will be running an eight-week evening lecture course (and a Saturday workshop) consisting of a, “…series of classes, combining lecturing and practical activities, to teach the aims and techniques of Experimental Archaeology.” The course will be led by Katy Whitaker, a graduate of Cambridge and Exeter Universities, and will include –

• Introduction: course aims, definition of Experimental Archaeology, the experimental ‘scale’, what makes an experiment?
• Critiques of archaeological experiments, issues of risk and ethics.
• Prehistoric dairying.
• Flint and hide.
• Ceramics.
• Saturday workshop – fire-starting, a bonfire firing to complete ceramics and finish curing a hide.

The course begins on the 18 May. More here –

Something we tried earlier…

A number of Heritage Action members taking part in the Stonehengineers’ stone rowing experiment.
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