As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations the Cornwall Archaeological Society is holding a series of interesting competitions:


Digital Photographic Competition 

Class 1: Sites or Monuments – any place of archaeological interest 

Class 2: Artefacts or Museum objects – any source


Drawing/Painting Competition

Class 5: Sketch, pencil or charcoal, of any site or monument, or imaginative recreation of any activity or artefact in use connected with archaeology, including industrial archaeology.

Class 6: Watercolour as above


Verse Inspired by Site, Monument or Artefacts (Limit 100 lines)

Class 11: Adult (Over 16 years of age) 


Story Inspired by Archaeological Site or Artefact (Max 1500 words)

Class 14: Adult (Over 16 years of age). 


Presentation using software to illustrate and explain a site (i.e. Powerpoint/Movie Maker)

Class 18: Adult (Over 16 years of age) Should be no more than 10Mb in size.