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Scotland: ‘Visit Scotland’ for its Unspoilt Wilderness?

Not so, according to Whitespider’s blog, far from it… they are trying to portray Scotland as this idyllic scenic relaxed getaway, while we all know the Scottish Government are busy letting business rape the landscape and deny people access to land

It is a moot point of course, are the Scottish parliament allowing too much development in the way of renewable energy to despoil the Scottish landscape that is rated so highly in their advertising, or do we need these wind farms and business developments such as Donald Trump’s golf course, that are spreading so rapidly over the land of Scotland.

Wind farms, you either love them or hate them, they  provide ‘natural energy’ that will reduce our dependence on oil, but they  visually intrude on our most cherished landscapes and sometimes of course they also threaten buried archaeology and scheduled ancient monuments. The uplands of Wales and Scotland are dotted with these great white giants, sails slowly turning in the wind. There is constant news though that flows through; a gathering unrest at the willy-nilly development of these wind farms. The John Muir Trust talks of the loss of ‘wild land’, the sea eagle casualities and it also points out the Scottish parliament directive….

Scottish Planning Policy (2010) states: “The most sensitive landscapes may have little or no capacity to accept new development. Areas of wild land character in some of Scotland’s remoter upland, mountain and coastal areas are very sensitive to any form of development or intrusive human activity and planning authorities should safeguard the character of these areas in the development plan”

And just another two examples:

1) Recently a hydro-electric scheme  has been proposed in the remote valley of Gleann Cailliche, site of the  Tigh na Cailleach. Information about the threat can be found here.

2) Wind farm application – … _1_1507910


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