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The Rollright Stones. Image credit and © Chris Brooks

Robin Smitten of The Rollright Trust writes:

Hello to all supporters of the Rollright Stones. Just to update you all on the progress at the Rollright Stones and to let you know of up and coming events.

Since re-starting the Wardens at Easter we have been able to cover most weekends with a Warden on site for a greater part of the day which has resulted in an exceptionally positive reaction from the public who appreciate someone to be able to talk to about the monuments. This has also increased our income through the sale of pamphlets etc. Whilst we have a core of people we are still looking to expand our number of Wardens over the summer – if you are still interested in becoming involved please get in touch or come up to the Stones on a dry day and have a chat. It may be that you might prefer to help out as a volunteer, to this end we have scheduled in a ‘site clearance’ weekend on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July. We plan to clear the site of rubbish including the wooded areas, get rid of any barbed wire on the fences, repair some fencing by the lay-bys and any other jobs that need doing. We will supply everything from gloves to food. If you think you may be able to spare a couple of hours or more to come along , either as a Warden or a Volunteer, you will be most welcome – and it is great fun.

Two major jobs which have been outstanding for ages have been completed, Warden Pete Egan closing the gaping gaps in the hedging where people were pouring through on sunny days to avoid paying a quid to get in. We also have a fully functioning money box – I say fully functioning – we purposely leave it unlocked and empty at night after someone broke the locks and stole the outer cowl about a week after it was installed. They only got away with about £5.00 worth of scrap but pointless, especially as there was a notice on the box which says it was empty.

Despite that minor setback the site is beginning to look good after the grass was cut (although it will not take long to grow back) and the prospects look exciting for the summer and autumn.


You can contact Robin to talk about becoming either a part time warden or a volunteer via



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