Saturday, 16 July. 10.00–12.00.

Guided walk from Mavis Grind to the Neolithic landscape at Islesburgh to see the heel-shaped chambered cairn, and circular and D-shaped prehistoric enclosures.

Mavis Grind is the narrowest strip of land on Shetland’s Mainland separating the Atlantic from the North Sea so the tomb at Islesburgh would have been on an important route for both land travel between the north and south, but also for portage of boats between the two bodies of water. The location also probably had symbolic significance for journeys of a different kind between the realms of the living and the dead and it is these that the walk will be exploring.

Free. Location: Meet at Mavis Grind, at the site of the Geopark. Parking on the A970 roadside at Mavis Grind, at the site of the Geopark. Starting out from there at 10am an easy 15 minute walk half a mile northwest to the tomb and then the enclosures. Tomb grid reference HU 3345 6845.

Org: Sheltand College UHI
Name: Simon Clarke, Esther Renwick
Tel: 01595 771278