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Avebury – Graphic Novel: A short novel about the mysterious village of Avebury by Tom Manning.

Avebury, south-east quadrant. Image credit and © Littlestone

This is a university project that was given out in order to induct us into the second year of the Illustration course. The theme of the project was that it should be based in the strange village of Avebury, north of Stonehenge, UK. Avebury is a very mysterious and ‘weird’ place filled with standing stones, deep trenches, rampaging druids and man made hills, theres no knowing what you might find there. WIth this in my mind I planned to introduce Avebury as an isolated, desolate area of wilderness, not unlike ‘the Zone’ in the 1979 Russian film ‘STALKER’.
Tom Manning.

Not really, this is one of several info markers in the car-park next to St Davids National Park Visitor Centre

“The newest facility which opened in 2008 is the Oriel y Parc Gallery. The National Park visitor centre has been extended to accommodate a gallery to house a state of the art gallery. Used to display national treasures including the works of Graham Sutherland who was a Pembrokeshire resident for much of his life. The gallery also has a cafe, resident artist and a Tourist Information Centre. It’s open all year and free of charge.”
Good place to stop off before visiting megalithic sites in the area.


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