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Despite all the opposition The National Trust have succeeded in their application to use the Coach House next to the Red Lion and the public conveniences in Avebury as a fast food outlet.


It’s a puzzle because so far as we know no-one except the National Trust thinks it’s a good idea or that it won’t harm both the village and the monument. Avebury Parish Council expressed it very well when they objected on the following grounds:

1) Over Commercialisation of the High Street
2) The litter problem likely to be created with throwaway containers
3) It is totally inappropriate in a W.H.S.
4) The location is too close to public toilets which the P.C. feel are not in a very hygienic condition.
5) There is already a National Trust restaurant in the Barn complex in Avebury and fast food could be served from there if it is deemed necessary.
6) The entrance to the Coach House is along side of the area which buses frequently use for waiting, dropping off and picking up passengers.
7) Some residents in the High Street were consulted on this application and all objected on the grounds of litter, over commercialisation, and not suitable for a WHS village.
8.) This commercial outlet is not part of the WHS Plan.

Those seem like eight mighty strong reasons for a refusal but the Parish Council’s points were merely “noted” and NT obtained their permission. It was granted “subject to smell or noise being dealt with”. So it’ll be harmless to the village  and the World Heritage Site and will comprise a fast food outlet without smell or noise then.

 Yeah, sure!


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