A news item on BBC1 at lunchtime featured King Arthur outside the High Court today. The news item reports that, “The cremated remains of more than 40 bodies, thought to be at least 5,000 years old, were removed from a burial site at Stonehenge in 2008 and ministers gave permission to allow the bones to be examined until 2015.” Arthur is reported as saying that he, “…did not believe the bones would ever be returned to the site, and that his views were not being taken into account.” He also said that, “If we don’t get them to, force them to, put them back, they’re going to end up in Salisbury museum.”
Conversely, archaeologist Mike Pitts argues in the news item that a detailed study of the remains leads to a better understanding of the people buried at Stonehenge and this is a form of respect.
The interview with Arthur is here. See also our feature on the re-burial issue here.