Two wind turbines are in the planning stage to be built at North Balnoon, in Aberdeenshire. The stone circle, which is mostly destroyed is not impacted directly but it is the visibility or landscape significance to the circle which will be ultimately compromised by the wind turbines. Wind energy is an important part of Scotland’s renewable energy technology, the goal of the government is to achieve  “a target of generating 31% of Scotland’s electricity from renewable energy by 2011, and 100% by 2020, which was raised from 50% in September 2010.  The majority of this is likely to come from wind power”.  There will be many more  turbines being built in the future, environmental and archaeological surveys will be an important part of the process.

Megalithic Portal have details here.

Objections can be sent to – The Aberdeenshire Council. Planning Application ref; APP/2011/1277