It seems the Bedd Morris stone isn’t the only North Pembrokeshire ancient monument that has been damaged recently. A stone comprising part of the legendary Bedd Arthur (which also dates to the Bronze Age and overlooks Carn Menyn, possible source of some of Stonehenge’s bluestones) has had names scratched into it.

In addition, according to Park Ranger Richard Vaughan – A car was driven up an old trackway below the Iron Age fort of Carn Ffoi on Carn Ingli mountain and abandoned. The sump broke and a 200m black slick of oil contaminated a Site of Special Scientific Interest…  I’ve also had to clean up a popular parking site on Dinas Mountain covered in empty bottles and smashed glass on the surrounding rocky area. There are grazing animals in the immediate area, and potential for harm to walkers.

Further problems have been caused in the National Park by an increase in off-roading, the dumping of household waste and even toxic waste such as asbestos.

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