Here at Heritage Action, we thought it might be a bit of a wheeze to get various high-profile ‘names’ within the archaeological  and heritage worlds to provide a little information about themselves – how they got started, what inspired them, what infuriates them etc. in the hope of possibly inspiring some of our readers to delve further into the wonders that our prehistoric past presents.

We sent out a short questionnaire to several people as a first shot, and replies are starting to trickle in. A second mail shot is now under way. Once we have sufficient replies we’ll publish them as a short series, probably starting over the holiday period and into the new year.

So here’s a bit of a gauntlet: if you work in the archaeology/heritage sectors and have not yet received an invitation from us (gasp! but some people do make it quite difficult for people to track them down via email at times), please drop us a line at info (at) heritageaction dot org dot uk and we’ll make sure you receive the short set of questions we’ve prepared.

We promise to print all responses we receive (as long as they’re not litigious of course!)

So, who would you like to see featured? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to elicit some answers…

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We’ve had several replies to this so far. To see the results, enter ‘Inside he Mind’ in our search bar, or click here.